Highfield Level 2 Awards in Food Safety (RQF)

Food safety law requires all food handlers to be trained/supervised according to their food-handling work activities. This course provides essential knowledge and understanding of good hygiene practice for anyone working in a catering, manufacturing or retail setting where food is prepared, cooked and handled.

Programme Content

  • Food Poisoning – Why food safety is important in the catering sector
  • Bacteriology – Types of bacteria and factors that can affect its multiplication
  • Prevention of Contamination – Controlling measures that can be put in place to prevent the spread of bacteria
  • Temperature Control – How to measure food temperatures and how temperature control for certain food types will reduce the multiplication of bacteria
  • Personal Hygiene – How food handlers must maintain high levels of personal hygiene
  • Premises & Pest Control – The need to keep food premises maintained and in good condition and the consequences for the food business if infestation occurs
  • Cleaning & Disinfection – Methods to keep premises and equipment in good order
  • The Law – The legal obligations of food handlers


Highfield Qualification -Assessment is via a multi-choice examination (20 questions of which a candidate must achieve 12 correct answers in 45 minutes) for which Highfield Qualification will issue a certificate to successful candidates who achieve the required level of assessment.

Programme Delivery

Open courses are delivered in various locations -please inquire for more details

If you require in-house training, please contact us and we will ensure that we meet your requirements.


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