Neo Training offers a wide array of professional services that you can access for your food business operation. But since no two food businesses are the same, we will adapt our services to suit your needs. Plus, we have 4 major training/consultancy services that you can rely upon:

Train the trainer

This is a course where we educate and train the owner, manager or company supervisor to make sure that they can deliver the best in-house food safety training to employees. This service is focused specifically on helping the upper-management team grasp all there is to know about the industry and food safety. This way it will be very easy for your business to optimize the way it works, all while helping employees stay up to date with the latest rules and regulation. 

Open courses

If you want to train your employees, we are here to help. Our open courses include fire safety, H&S, allergens, food safety and HACCP. Each one of the open courses is focused on value, quality, and convenience. Plus, we interact with the entire group to ensure that the lessons are comprehensive, easy to grasp and they reach the results you expect in no time.

Consultancy services

One of the toughest things for a food business operator is to learn how to grow and generate more leads. As a result, we are here to assist. Our consultancy service will offer your business guidelines for food safety management systems, safer food better business practices, food safety, quality assurance, fire safety as well as health and safety features. In addition, we offer number of service contract to suit you needs such. For more information please contact us for a bespoke quote. 

Bespoke in-house training

If you want to train your employees on a specific topic, then our team is here to assist. Thanks to us, you will have no problem teaching your employees the things they need in no time. Each class is created according to your needs. This way you can focus on some very specific training systems, instead of opting for something broader in nature. With our help, you will have no problem improving your employee knowledge about the industry or the latest trends. Plus, you can also teach your employees about something very specific if you so desire. When it come to the bespoke in-house training, you are always in control.

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